Project Description




1 year


Nov. 7th 2022






6 months

study tour




Each module will be designed ad hoc, integrating lectures, student research projects, testimonials, visits and desk research.

  1. Made in Italy. The  Scenario
  2. Marketing of Made in Italy
  3. Clients and Consumers
  4. Economics, Finance and Law
  5. The Digital Revolution
  6. The Communication
  7. The Sustainability

The master aims to provide an in-depth knowledge of Made in Italy in the three reference sectors Fashion, food and design, explaining which are the direct and indirect competitors and which are and will be the customers at a global level. In fact, Z – Gen requires a paradigm shift in terms of product/service offer and fruition and this has an impact on Made in Italy organizations and processes.

The Master is mainly addressed to all those who want to cover professional roles in the Design, Fashion and Food sectors with the exception of staff and pure Design roles. Since Made in Italy companies belong to the segment of big corporations as well as to SMEs and Start-ups, the course will include in-depth analysis of the three realities in order to understand the profound differences and facilitate a more informed choice for one’s future career.


Vanni Codeluppi – IULM University, Milan
Manuela De Carlo – IULM University, Milan
Emanuela Mora – ModaCult, Cattolica University, Milan
Sofia Gnoli – IULM University, Milan
Bernard Cova – Kedge Business School, Bordeaux-Marseille
Karine Berthelot-Guiet – Directrice du CELSA, Université de Paris-Sorbonne


Oscar Farinetti – Founder of Eataly (TBD)
Nicola Farinetti – CEO of Eataly
Francesco Morace – Future Concept Lab
Lucia Nadal (Group Marketing Director of Design Holding B&BItalia)
Simona Baroni – Group PR and Communication Director Dolce e Gabbana)
Rita Airaghi – Director Ferrè Foundation
Stefania Lazzaroni – General Manager Altagamma Foundation
Aurelio Magistà – Journalist la Repubblica

Curricular internships lasting 3/6 months and will be in Italian companies in the relevant sectors. As an alternative to the internship, students can work on an entrepreneurial project (start-up) supported by a mentor (for a fee).

Applications close: Sept. 16th 2022

Lessons start: fall 2022

available upon request

EU students: 13.500,00 €

Non EU students: 16.200,00 €