Project Description



*Mandatory Fields

The course is divided into two modules and three laboratories.

International Marketing:

  • Analyzing customer insights in global markets
  • Advanced marketing strategy
  • International branding
  • International trade marketing
  • Managing sustainability in global value chain

International Sales Communication:

  • Intercultural communication
  • Sales management & neuro-selling
  • Relationship selling for global business
  • International retail selling

Soft Skills Laboratory:

  • Storytelling across boundaries
  • Complex Negotiation-multicultural contexts, complex projects & manifold interlocutors
  • Creative leadership
  • Individual & cross-culture team coaching

Digital Marketing Laboratory:

  • Analytics & big data for marketing & sales
  • Data sensing & visualization
  • Social media marketing & omnichannel experience management
  • Marketing automation, CRM and Artificial Intelligence

Cross-cultural Laboratory:

  • EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) & Russia
  • APAC (Asia Pacific) & India
  • NORTH AMERICA (Canada, USA) & LATAM (Latin America)

Study Tour in California and Internship

The Innovation Study Tour will take place in California and include a variety of experiences: workshops at Salesforce headquarter in San Francisco, visit to companies in Silicon Valley and also the opportunity to follow classes at the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angels.

USC is a leading University in the field of neuro-management; there, scholars will also work on a real company project along with foreign students.

Travel and accomodation expences will be covered by the Master.
The Master will end with an internship abroad or in Italy according to the student’s desire.
  • International marketing manager;
  • Growth manager;
  • International Product Manager;
  • International Trade Manager;
  • Country Manager;
  • Global Sales Manager;
  • Key Account Executive;
  • Business Developer;
  • International Communication & Brand Manager;
  • International Buying Manager;
  • Customer Experience Manager;
  • Sales & Marketing Manager;
  • Communication specialist for International Sales. 

• Prof. Luca Pellegrini – Direttore Scientifico del Master
• Prof. Daniela Corsaro – Direttore Scientifico del Master
• Anna Bulgheroni- Coordinatore Didattico Master
• Prof. Charles Hofacker, Professor of Marketing, Florida State University
• Prof. Stephan Henneberg, Chair Professor of Marketing & Strategy, Queen Mary University of London
• Federico Salvitti, Enterpreneur-commercial innovation consultant, New York University
• Prof. Gaia Rancati, Assistant Professor of Marketing and Neuromarketing – Allegheny College New York
• Paolo D’Ammassa, CEO Connexia
• Pietro Guli, Sales Business Development Manager, Coca-Cola Hbc
• Simone Pizzoglio, Head of BU Finance & Utilities at Doxa
• Federico della Casa – Country Leader Italia, Salesforce
• Alessandro Detto – Vice President, Reputation Institute
• Gian Andrea Facchini – Founder & CEO, BuzzDetector
• Fabrizio Bosio – Co-Founder & CEO, Mapadore


University graduates and professionals

The Master will start in the Winter

Lessons: full-time.

Duration: 5 months + study tour + internship.

Total amout for UE students: € 8.000 + VAT

Total amount for no-UE students: € 11.620

Business incentives 

  • The best student in the Sales Management project’s competition will be awarded by Reputation Institute: for one week the student will place side by side with the Vice President EMEA of Reputation Institute. They together will visit clients in Europe and the student will have chance to make real business presentations in front of customers. Full expenses covered, experience included in cv and job reference by the VP.

Learning incentives

  • The two students who will stand out in the soft skills laboratory will have the opportunity to take part for free in the prestigious Dale Carnegie‘s Generation.Next program, a leadership course aimed at developing the skills necessary to achieve your professional goals and growth, and maximize your potential.
  • Salesforce will offer you the opportunity to get the certification as Marketing Cloud Specialist.

Economic incentives

  • Buzzdetector will sponsor a scholarship of €3.000 + vat for the best student in the data sensing & visualization lab.
  • YOURBIZ, company specialized in demand generation, marketing & sales management, will sponsor a scholarship of 3.000 euro to be assigned to the best student in practicing international digital marketing.
  • The company Mapadore will offer a scholarship of €3.000 + vat to be assigned to the best team in developing a marketing automation project for a SaaS (Software as a Service) industrial company.


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