Project Description

Partner from the first edition of the Master:

Co.Mark, Coca-Cola HBC, GE Healthcare, Manager Italia, MayBorn Group, Di.Gi. International, RepTrack Srl, Rovagnati, SalesForce.

The third edition of the master is held in collaboration with:





1 year


feb. 13th 2023






6 months

study tour


The course is divided into two modules and three laboratories.

International Marketing:

  • Analyzing customer insights in global markets
  • Advanced marketing strategy
  • International branding
  • International trade marketing
  • Managing sustainability in global chains
  • International Corporate Reputation
  • Economics for Marketing & Sales
  • Servitization and new marketing trends
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)
  • The Internationalization of Made in Italy

International Sales Communication:

  • Intercultural communication
  • Sales management & neuro-selling
  • Relationship selling for global business
  • International retail selling
  • Project Management of Innovation

Soft Skills Laboratory:

  • Storytelling across boundaries
  • Complex Negotiation-multicultural contexts, complex projects & manifold interlocutors
  • Creative leadership
  • Individual & cross-culture team coaching
  • Public Speaking

Digital Marketing Laboratory:

  • Analytics & big data for marketing & sales
  • Data sensing & visualization
  • Social media marketing & omnichannel experience management
  • Marketing automation, CRM and Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital Communication Management
  • E-commerce strategy

Cross-cultural Laboratory:

  • EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) & Russia
  • APAC (Asia Pacific) & India
  • NORTH AMERICA (Canada, USA) & LATAM (Latin America)

A two week study tour will take place in the charming city of Lisbon, where students will have the chance to attend an educational path based on three pillars – Universities, companies, retail – :

UNIVERSITIES. Students will attend lectures of ‘Global business planning’, ‘International marketing & communication’, ‘Marketing future forecast’ at  Universidade Europeia IPAM and at Universidade Europeia IADE.  Furthermore, at IADE students will join the ‘Marketing Days’, attending workshops on innovation and having the chance of networking with local companies.

COMPANIES. The Study tour includes meeting and focus group with companies linked to the ‘Smart City Innovation Lab’, ‘LX Factory’ and ‘Hub Tecnologico’, as well as meeting with innovative start-up committed to sustainability issues at the science and technology park ‘Casa do Impacto’. Furthermore, a visit to the Chamber of Commerce of Lisbon is also planned.

RETAIL. The study tour includes a Retail Visual tour planned in cooperation with DianiRiva to understand intercultural adaptations of retail formats in different areas (food, hospitality, fashion, large scale distribution, service).

Travel and accommodation expenses are included in the Master’s fee.

Field trips:

Several field trips are planned such as to Brunello Cucinelli’s showroom in Milan, to the luxury hotel Château Monfort, and to the Factory NoLo of the company YEG!

Furthermore, students will participate to a visit to MUSES, European Academy of Essences, near Cuneo. There, they will have the unique experience of participating to a sensorial marketing project and developing the essences associated to important brands.

University graduates and professionals

Modern markets are globalized, convergent and multicultural—and this requires sophisticated, cross-cutting managerial capabilities.

The goal of IULM’s executive education course in International Marketing & Sales Communication is to produce professionals with the skills to resolve marketing, communication and sales issues through the creation of client-focused value chains.

Lessons will be taught by both Italian and foreign professors. The course also includes fieldwork, business games and a sales pitch competition.

The course will feature the active participation of a number of company partners, both in the teaching itself and through internship opportunities.

  • International Marketing Manager;
  • Growth Manager;
  • International Product Manager;
  • International Trade Manager;
  • Country Manager;
  • Global Sales Manager;
  • Key Account Executive;
  • Business Developer;
  • International Communication & Brand Manager;
  • International Buying Manager;
  • Customer Experience Manager;
  • Sales & Marketing Manager;
  • Communication Specialist for International Sales;
  • Customer Success Manager.
  • Prof. Daniela Corsaro – Director
  • Prof. Charles Hofacker, Professor of Marketing, Florida State University
  • Prof. Stephan Henneberg, Chair Professor of Marketing & Strategy, Queen Mary University of London
  • Federico Salvitti, Enterpreneur-commercial innovation consultant, New York University
  • Prof. Gaia Rancati, Assistant Professor of Marketing and Neuromarketing – Allegheny College New York
  • Paolo D’Ammassa, CEO Connexia
  • Pietro Guli, Sales Business Development Manager, Coca-Cola Hbc
  • Simone Pizzoglio, Head of BU Finance & Utilities at Doxa
  • Federico della Casa – Country Leader Italia, Salesforce
  • Alessandro Detto – Vice President, Reputation Institute
  • Gian Andrea Facchini – Founder & CEO, BuzzDetector
  • Barbara Chirizzi, Executive Performance Coach
  • Isabella Maggioni, Assistant Professor of Marketing ESCP Europe Business School

Closing of registration: Dec. 23rd, 2022

Start: Feb. 2023

Selection interviews are scheduled as follows:

April 13, 20 – communication of results on April 27

May 4, 17 – communication of results on May 30

June 8, 24 – communication of results on June 30

July 6, 20 – communication of results on July 27

September 7, 14 – communication of results on September 26

October 3, 17 – communication of results on October 21
December 5, 19 – communication of results on December 12 and 21
November 9, 23 – communication of results on November 25

Total amout for UE students: € 8.000 + VAT

Total amount for no-UE students: € 11.720

The IULM University together with Banca Popolare di Sondrio supports the need for high-level specialist training by allowing the financing of the Masters with specific financing formulas and subsidized loans. For any information contact the bank by phone on 02.8188861 or write to

Economic incentives

Partner companies will sponsor scholarships on a competitive basis for teams that stand out in carrying out their project work.

In the fourth edition:

  • A scholarship of 5,000 sponsored by KANTAR for the best team that will develop an “Insight to Action” project, aimed at increasing the performance of companies leader in the consumer goods market.
  • A scholarship of € 3,000 sponsored by Yourbiz for the best team that will  develop innovative strategies aimed at increasing the brand awareness and the leads of the Demand Generation Service and DAM Method.
  • A scholarship of €3,000 sponsored by Buzztech for the best team that will carry out a Sentiment Analysis project based on social media listening and viewing data.
  • A scholarship of €3,000 sponsored by YEG! for the best team that will develop an innovative project of sensorial marketing, in particular of olfactory marketing, based on the association among brands and essences.

Further Projects in the fourth edition:

  • The Cimbali Group will engage students in a project aimed at developing an effective go-to-market strategy based on on-line and off-line initiatives.
  • HARIBO will launch a project aimed at increasing customers’ engagement on the point of sale while deepening their knowledge of trade marketing strategies.

Training incentives in the previous editions:

  • The RepTrak Company promoted a project aimed at developing stakeholder engagement in various sectors by using reputational assets: the best student had the opportunity to carry out intensive business coaching by spending a week alongside the senior vice-president of sales.
  • Copernico proposed a project aimed at planning the new co-working space of the future, comparing international cases and making direct observations. Students became part of the ecosystem of an important company that deals with smart working services, they enjoyed the immersive experience within its hubs and had access to unique networking opportunities with managers.

Last year contributed:

  • Salesforce, guiding in the process of obtaining certification as a Marketing Cloud expert.
  • Yourbiz, guiding in the process to obtain Hubspot professional certifications.
  • Dale Carnegie, allowing students to become expert of the relationship selling model.
  • CIMASC (Center for International Marketing & Sales Communication – IULM University) allowing to obtain a certification as an expert in sales transformation.